Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Great Eccleston  Running Order Sunday 24th August 2014

Under 16hp Garden Class 350kg

1050kg Mini A Class

Tractor Name Owner / Driver Red Rooster Paul Pacey
Wee Nessy Mhairi Cameron Little Dan Rob Armistead
Terryfied Ben Stimpson Reloaded Paul Haylock
Tiny Bear Nathan Jones Poker Face  

Over 16hp Garden Class 350kg

3.5T Limited Prostock 

Little Viking Sam Trower Warrior Stephen Ainsworth
Red Dragon Hannah Waygood Skipper Steve Mason
Red Robin Ben Holiday Petty Cash John Litchfield
Eliminator Scott Trower True Blue Ross Forrest
Dangerous Deere Luke Waygood Skinny Simon Neame

Garden Modified Class 500kg

Solway Spirit Richard Forlow
American Maid Matt Harpley Herbie Simon Weaving
Red Robin Mark Holiday Chain Reaction Graham Ward
Eliminator Scott Trower Lancashire Bomber Chris Wilkinson/ S Woods/ J Forrest
Heavy Weather Chris Harpley

Compact Diesel

Bits n Pieces Jack Eccleston Groan & Grumble Hannah Waygood
Mean Machine Lacey Smith Nuff Said David Leedham

3.5T Superfarm 

Stampede Anthony Barnes
Smokey 2 Ewan Cameron Confusion Luke Waygood
Torq n Business Stuart Hunter Red Runt Scott Murphy
Rob Roy Jim Wilson

950kg Mini B Class

Red Bull David Todd/ Jamie Fleming Blue Lightning Rob McClleland
Midnight Express David Leedham Mr Magoo Tom Pacey
Diesel Ross Martin Ross Black Magic Rob Francis
Major Trouble Sarah Sudell Rough N Ready Tom Pacey
Ali's Nightmare Angus Mccamish Tiger Andy Waygood

3.5T Prostock 

All or Nothing Mark Barnes
Ice Bear  Mike Simmons The Gambler Ellie Pacey
Neighbours Nightmare Daniel Vriends Panic Jamie Haylock
Froggy   Atonic Paul Haylock
Pist n Broke Alex Rearie

4.5T Super Sports Class 

Rednex   Oh Bonnie Alistair Parkinson
Simply Red John Eccles White Shadow Gerard Sikes
Bad Boys Toys Rene Manders Red Impact Manus Versluis
Total Madness John Orwin Simply Green Laurens den Boer
Baby Bear Gareth Jones The Orange Factory David Todd/ Jamie Fleming
Rocky Barend Huijbregts Take it to the limit Gordon Morris
Burnout Phil Collins

3.5T Super Stock

Rough Justice Ted Nicholson Red Alert Geoff Ashcroft

2.5T Two Wheel Drives

Red Fever Peter Clarke
Cloud Nine  
Rattle and Hum  
Legend and Hero Ed Smith

3.5T Modified

Double D Willen Veldhuizen
Le Redoutable  
On the Limit Mark Pacey
Black Gold Ashley Middleton
Le Coiffeur Frank Batholome
Knightmare Ian Shirley
Snoopy 3 Josh Whittingham
Boomerang Ralf Woltering
Baby Duck