Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Bear Essentials Team Update

News from The team... Our first objective for 2009 was secured with Mike being crowned British Champion with Ice Bear. Although this is now the 5th time IB has won the championship it is the first one since 2004 and long overdue. We have managed with the help of our sponsors to build in a good level of reliability this year and have been able to develop IB further with some good runs and excellent data. The trick is now to build on this for 2010. Most of the major components are now in place to turn the wick up further and gain the extra horsepower needed.

Baby Bear kept the smaller 7.4L engine for the whole season, and in hindsight the decision was right as it allowed us to concentrate on IB with the new set up. BB ran well all season and collected a 3rd place in the British Championship to add to the crown gained in 2007. The tractor will now be stripped down, checked over and the new 8.2L motor fitted for 2010.
If we get the sums right BB should then be able to run very similarly to how IB ran this season with the new set up. We are looking forward to seeing how much extra power we can get out of the ‘baby tractor’, beware 2 bears on the prowl for 2010!!

A big thank you to everyone who has helped out this season with all aspects involved with getting the tractors ready. To all our main sponsors and to all those who helped
transporting them and assisting at the pulls. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that we all take for
granted. The team would not be able to function with out their support.